Three red DAF trucks with Jaw Trans logos parked in front of a bridge.
About us

We have been operating in the construction and transport services market since 2001. From the very beginning, our priority has been to offer a rich portfolio of services, thanks to which we will be able to meet the requirements of our Clients and fully satisfy their expectations, regardless of the tasks entrusted to us.

As a result of our continuous efforts to achieve the intended goal, a company employing only competent and qualified specialists was created, who with their experience and excellent understanding of needs, help our Clients to develop and build a common better tomorrow.

Selected investments with our participation

  • 1

    Construction of a bridge in the town of Dębno and Szlembark with access roads along DW 969

  • 2

    Construction of the INPOST hall in Podrzecze with parking

  • 3

    Project and construction work on the Tuchów bypass along DW 977

  • 4

    Expansion of the Spokojna Street, county road 1366 - Phase I

  • 5

    Construction of the Atut shopping center in Krakow

  • 6

    Earthworks as part of the investment task "Q-Media Skawina"

  • 7

    Waksmund - Ostrowsko - Łopuszna bypass - phase II

  • 8

    Demolition and expansion of the railway line 104 Chabówka - Nowy Sącz (section E)

  • 9

    Construction of a bridge over the Dunajec River in Kurów along national road 75

  • 10

    Comprehensive service with construction equipment in the technical reclamation of mining pits

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